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Filter fabrics are a kind of technical fabrics which are used in certain industries as the filter and purifications of various mixes, solutions of unnecessary impurity are intended for processing. These fabrics are capable to make cleaning of gas emissions, solutions. Are used in hose filters, disk, frame, press filters and some differ in the high durability, endurance to high temperatures, and - and to a high pressure. The great popularity was won by synthetic fabrics as the most hardy to hostile environment, various chemical solutions, acids. They are used generally on frame press filters, on tape filters if they possess small stretching with a pressure. Cotton fabrics as the strongest, dense and environmentally friendly are applied mainly in the food industry. By means of them make purification of diffusive, limy juice, a filtration of syrups of a dense consistence, and also development and processing of sugar (fabric Belting-BF, filtrodiagonal). Textile production of a special purpose with success is used on filters of any equipment, both domestic, and import.

Name Application
GOST 332-91 Belting Filtering of solutions, ceramic suspensions, in the food industry
Filtrodiagonal of GOST 332-91 Filtering of solutions, in the food, medical industry
Filtromitkal of GOST 332-91 Filtrovaaniye of solutions, in the food, medical industry and a color metalurgia
Serpyanka In the dairy industry
Filter fabric hlopkolavsanovy TFHL Filtering in food and other branches
Fabric filtering hlopkopoliamidny TTF-11 Filtering in food and other branches
Filtering polyamide Filtering in ore mining, chemical industry
Filtering polyester TLF-5 Filtering in chemical, metallurgical industry
Polypropylene TPP-2 Filtering of solutions of acids, alkalis
Filter fabric of "Milk" Filtering in the dairy industry
Fabric polyester Filtering in chemical industry
Filter fabric for lemon acid Filtration in the food industry
Fabric polypropylene Filtering of solutions of acids, alkalis, replacing chlorine
Cloth nonwoven volume FRNK Air filtration

Information is up-to-date: 06.06.2018

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