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Felt technical coarse-haired

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Technical felt, thanks to the natural properties, is the unique heat-insulating, filtering and pro-masonry material, as causes its broad application in automobile, petrochemical, steelmaking and construction production. Production of musical instruments and shipbuilding is also impossible without felt cloths.

On a structure woolen fibers are divided into down, a transitional hair, an awn and a dead hair. The down represents the most elastic fibers with the greatest number of scales on surfaces, a dead hair - the most rough, the fibers deprived of elasticity which surface has no scaly structure. According to it felts differ with composition of fibers.

Now several types of felt are available, namely: Grubosherstny, polugrubosherstny and tonkosherstny felt, applied to production of laying, epiploons, filters and heat insulation of the equipment, and other types of felt.

Felt grubosherstny, compliance of GOST 6418-81
for epiploons of GS and a plate 6-25 0,34±0,02 for a delay of lubricant oils in places of friction and protection of places of friction from hit of water and dust
for laying of the GPRA brand A 6-20 0,32±0,02 for protection of details of cars from attrition, pollution, blows, concussions, and also for a sound absorption
for GF filters 6-20 0,24±0,02 for a filtration of oils
for isolation of GI 6-20 0,16±0,02 as heat-insulating material
Information is up-to-date: 06.06.2018

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