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Sitovy fabrics are made from polyamide and polyester monothreads, and applied in various industries: flour-grinding, food (for drying of pasta, by production in the dairy industry, for receiving starches, at a filtration of juice, wines etc.), in fishery, for a filtration of water, silk-screen printing, pharmaceutical industry, electronics, a filtration of loose and liquid substances as the filter practically in svekh industries. In dependence it appointments and the purposes of final application they strongly differ on a design of to which polymers monothreads, to thickness of monothreads and the size of cells, strength characteristics and resistance to various working environments are made. Today sieve cloths make of 2 types of materials: polyamide threads - are characterized by high resistance to attrition, resistance to the alkaline environment, possess high elasticity; polyester threads - are characterized by resistance to attrition, acidic environment resistance, possess low elasticity. Sitovy fabrics are distinguished on an interlacing: linen - are applied generally in the grain processing industry, silk-screen printing and also to a filtration of various loose and liquid substances (the size of cells from 1500 to 15 microns); polulozhnoazhurny - it is applied generally in the zernopererabatyvyayushchy industry there where high precision and dimensional stability of cells (the size of cells from 300 to 95 microns) is required

At the identical size of a cell of sieve cloth can strongly differ on thickness of threads of which sieve cloth is made. Depending on this sieve can strongly differ in the characteristics at the identical size of a cell.

In our assortment of sieve cloth of the Russian, Swiss, Italian and German production.

The ratio of numbers sit also the size of cells.

Information is up-to-date: 06.06.2018

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